The speech that moved the IOC delegates

It is said that the speech by one of the Tokyo bid committee member who incidently is also a Paralympic athelte, Mami Sato, was a strong influence in motivating the IOC delegates to vote for Tokyo as the 2020 Summer Olympic host city.

Below is the translation of her speech:-

Mr. President... Distinguished members of the IOC...

I am Mami Sato. And I am here because I was saved by sport. It taught me the values that matter in life. The values that Tokyo 2020 is determined to promote worldwide.

Today, that global vision will be outlined by:

President Tsunekazu Takeda...

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe...

Governor Naoki Inose...

Bid CEO Masato Mizuno...

Bid ambassador Christel Takigawa

And double silver medalist Yuki Ota.

Please allow me to return to my story.

I was nineteen when my life changed. I was a runner. I was a swimmer. I was even a cheerleader. Then, just weeks after I first felt pains in my ankle, I lost my leg to cancer. Of course, it was hard. I was in despair. Until I returned to university and took up athletics.

I found that I enjoyed setting a goal and beating it. I developed new confidence. Most of all, I learnt that what was important was what I had, not what I had lost.

I competed at the Paralympic Games in Athens and Beijing. I felt privileged to have been touched by the power of sport. And I was looking forward to London 2012.

Then came the 11th of March 2011.

The tsunami hit my hometown. For six days I did not know if my family were still alive. And, when I did find them, my personal happiness was nothing compared to the sadness of the nation.

I collected messages from schools and took them home... And shared with the people my own experiences. I also took food supplies. And other athletes did the same. Together, we organized sport activities to help restore confidence.

Only then did I see the true power of sport... To create new dreams and smiles. To give hope. To bring people together.

More than 200 athletes... Japanese and international...making almost 1,000 visits to the affected area... are inspiring more than 50,000 children.

What we have seen is the impact of the Olympic Values as never before in Japan. And what the country has witnessed is that those precious Values. Excellence, Friendship and Respect... can be so much more than just words.


Madness is finally over!

Thank god, the Matta Fair had come and gone!

The crowd wasn't as huge as in recent times but there was the usual few Ugly Malaysians.

Like to share this with you and it happened to one of my colleagues.

There was this couple, the husband in a striped collared t-shirt, short pants, socks and shoes while the wife was in a round collared t-shirt, short pants, socks and shoes.

There just sat down and announced, "I had been to everywhere on earth. Please introduce a nice tour destination for me."

Just like that!

Luckily for them, murder is a crime here in Malaysia!


Finally it's all over!

TOKYO has won the right to host the 22nd Summer Olympic in the year 2020!

Perhaps the Japan economy will have a strong rebound with this announcement!

There will be bound of be lots of construction of stadiums, roads and other facilities to host this event and work opportunities will be abundant int he near future.

However with the declining birth rate of this nation, labor will have to be source from other countries.

One can trust Japan to get these foreign workers into the country and then get them out of the country when they are no longer needed, when all the construction activities are over, in a systematic way instead of what is happening here in Malaysia!

I myself will be looking forward to the 202 Summer Games and hopefully will be having tremendous amount of fun then!


2010 Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Forecast

The Japan Weather Association published its first forecasts for this year's cherry blossom season. The blossoms are forecast to open several days ahead of their average year's schedule in most areas of Japan. In Tokyo they are expected to start opening on March 24 and in Kyoto on March 27. 

Below are the forecast dates of cherry trees opening their blossoms this year (according to the Japan Weather Association) and the estimated best viewing periods.

Rain, wind and temperatures can have a strong effect on the process of the season, for example, they can delay or shorten it considerably. Therefore, use the forecasts on your own risk.

Opening Estimated Best Viewing
Tokyo March 24 March 30 to April 8
Kyoto March 27 April 2 to 11
Kagoshima March 25 March 31 to April 8
Kumamoto March 21 March 27 to April 4
Fukuoka March 20 March 26 to April 4
Hiroshima March 25 March 31 to April 8
Nara March 28 April 3 to 12
Osaka March 27 April 2 to 11
Nagoya March 25 March 31 to 9
Yokohama March 24 March 30 to April 8
Kanazawa April 2 April 8 to 16
Nagano April 11 April 17 to 25
Sendai April 9 April 15 to 23
Hakodate May 1 May 6 to 13
Sapporo May 3 May 8 to 15

Geishas (芸者)

Geisha (芸者) are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance.

Apprentice geisha are called maiko (舞子, literally "dance child").

Fake Pool

There is glass on the top side and there is water on the glass .. and down side there are free space.

Love Hotels

Crazy Treadmill Japanese Game

~~ A Ha Ha ~~

Another crazy Japanese game show!


This Japanese animation crew calls themselves “U-Min” meaning unknown. Even though they focus on “animation” style, the members also perform locking, popping and breaking. This performance was done for Japanese clothing company called “UNIQLO”.

U-min is very unique in their choreography. Each movement itself may not be so unique. But the way they put each movement together as a group and the use of their technique is extraordinary. Because of their amazing skills, they have been nicknamed as “Controller of Time and Space”.

“Animation” is a style and a technique that attempt to imitate film characters being animated by stop motion. The technique consists of moving rigidly and jerky by tensing muscles and using techniques similar to strobing and the robot to make it appear as if the dancer has been animated frame by frame.